Discover Clarity, Vitality And Resilience For Your Skin With The Rationale Skincare Range Available At My Klinik.

About Rationale Skincare

Since 1992, Rationale has been delivering a luxurious suite of formulations and treatment experiences that enlighten and transform.

Founder Richard Parker devoted himself to years of dermatological research after having experienced frustrations with his own skin from a young age. Rationale has developed world-leading formulas that protect the skin and repair the effects of solar and environmental damage, restoring the skin’s natural vitality, resilience and radiance.

Created with revolutionary Skin Identical formulations, Rationale products work synergistically with skin — and with each other — to deliver the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentrations.

At My Klinik, we offer a suite of Rationale products and facial treatments performed using state-of-the-art treatment technologies for elevated results. Our Rationale specialists will examine your skin’s unique profile, your current routine and what you would like to get out of the treatment, before designing a medical-grade skincare regime personalised for your needs.

Rationale is available to purchase at My Klinik or exclusively online at When purchasing online, track your prescribed treatment plan by entering our unique doctor code — 2026-RA10 — at checkout.

Rationale Essential Six

The cornerstone of the Rationale range is the Essential Six — a system built around the six pillars of skin health and luminosity: resilience, vitality, brilliance, integrity, clarity and renewal. The range is acknowledged worldwide as the definitive skincare routine for the prevention and treatment of skin ageing.

Tailored to every individual’s skin, an Essential Six prescription acts as the skin’s daily nutrition, providing all the immune boosters, antioxidants, environmental protection, barrier fortification, pH recalibration and DNA repair needed for skin to glow with radiant health.

By day, the Essential Six ritual offers the world’s most comprehensive defence against the entire solar constant — made up of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared radiation — as well as against pollution and other environmental aggressors.

By night, the Essential Six evening routine works to repair and reverse daytime damage by replenishing the skin’s lipid barrier and recalibrating its pH to a healthy, acidic level. DNA repair processes are reactivated to support overnight repair and cellular regeneration for a visibly more luminous complexion by morning.

Book a consultation with a My Klinik Rationale skincare specialist to discuss a personalised Essential Six regime.

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Rationale FAQs

I am interested in trying Rationale for the first time — where do I start?

As Rationale Skincare products are scientifically and dermatologically developed to work with the skin, it is crucial to select the right products for your skin. My Klinik’s Rationale Skincare specialists are available for a comprehensive consultation to assess your skin’s needs and tailor an at-home regime and treatment plan for you.

Are Rationale formulations tested on animals?

No — Rationale products have never and will never be tested on animals.

Do Rationale formulations contain parabens?

No — all Rationale formulations, products and treatments are paraben-free.

Is Rationale suitable to use while pregnant?

Rationale formulations are suitable for use during pregnancy, including those containing vitamin A. Rationale exclusively uses pregnancy-safe forms of vitamin A (retinol and its esters) in its formulations.

If you have any concerns or further questions about using active ingredients in skincare during pregnancy, ask your My Klinik specialists or medical practitioner.

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