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  • Tips to help you determine if you’re an ideal candidate
  • Guidelines for planning your surgery
  • Responses to commonly asked questions
  • Links to the before and after patient photo gallery

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Dr Lim’s 2023 Breast Surgery Guide

Breast Surgery Guide

Dr Lim’s 2023 Breast Reduction Guide

Breast Reduction Guide

Dr Lim’s 2023 Breast Lift Guide

Breast Lift Guide

Dr Lim’s 2023 Face and Neck lift Guide

Face & Neck Guide

Dr Lim’s 2023 Excess Skin Guide

Excess Skin Guide

Dr Lim’s 2023 Abdominoplasty Guide

Abdominoplasty Guide

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About Dr Jake Lim

Highly qualified and experienced specialist plastic surgeon Dr Jake Lim focuses on facial plastic, cosmetic breast and body contouring after significant weight loss

Dr Lim creates the best possible plastic surgery results for his Australia-wide and international patients.

Dr Lim is passionate about making sure each and every patient has access to the right information about available treatments and procedures and is able to make well-informed decisions.

At My Klinik, patient safety, education and achieving optimal results are our top priorities.