Breast Augmentation with Small Implants

By Dr Jake Lim – Plastic Surgeon | Updated: February 16, 2024

Benefits and Features of Small Breast Implants

When it comes to breast augmentation today, many women are leaning towards a more natural look, setting aside the trend of large, prominent implants. For women wishing for just a slight uplift, an added touch of fullness rather than a significant change, breast augmentation with small implants might be the recommended option.

Dr Jake Lim, a Sydney specialist plastic surgeon, performs breast augmentation procedures and other breast surgery. Recognising that every patient has unique needs and aspirations, he emphasises comprehensive consultations to ensure individuals are well-informed about their choices.

Dr Lim’s 2024 Breast Surgery Guide

Breast Surgery Guide

What’s a Small Breast Implant Augmentation?

As fashion and beauty trends evolve, so do preferences for body enhancements. While the early 2000s saw a surge in demand for larger breast implants, the present-day trend leans more towards natural enhancement. The Small Implant Breast Augmentation, serves this very purpose. Instead of a dramatic alteration, it provides a modest boost, giving a softer, more natural contour that blends seamlessly with the body.

Choosing Smaller Breast Implants

Breast implant sizes span a wide spectrum, from 100cc all the way up to 1200cc. For those with a petite build, an implant as modest as 250cc can feel substantial. When it comes to small implant breast augmentation, selecting implants in the range of 105-250cc can yield results that harmonise beautifully with your natural contours.

Determining the best-fit implant size is influenced by several key factors:

  • Your overall body shape
  • The volume of your existing breast tissue
  • The current state and elasticity of your breasts
  • The spacing between your chest and rib cage
  • The degree of ptosis present
  • The preferred site for implant placement
Breast Augmentation Patient 65 - 335cc Round Implants Under Muscle
Breast Augmentation Patient 65 – 335cc Round Implants Under Muscle

Features of the Small Implant Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as personalities and tastes differ, so do the choices women make about their bodies. Some might prefer the attention that comes with larger implants, while others may seek an augmentation that’s more discreet. Breast augmentation with small implants fits the latter category, perfect for those who don’t want to draw undue attention.

When contrasting the Small Implant breast augmentation with traditional breast augmentation, the distinctions are evident. While both procedures aim at enhancing the breast’s size and shape, the degree and method of enhancement vary. Traditional augmentations often use larger implants, leading to a more pronounced change. On the other hand, breast augmentation with small implants aims for refinement. Furthermore, while traditional procedures might involve more incisions and longer recovery periods, breast augmentation with small implants is typically less invasive.

Breast augmentation, as a term, encompasses a range of procedures, each with its own set of attributes. Among them, Breast augmentation with small implants stands out due to its distinct features tailored for those who prefer a more understated enhancement. Let’s break down what makes the Breast augmentation with small implants distinct:

·       Implant Size

One of the most defining characteristics of Breast augmentation with small implants is the implant size. While traditional breast augmentation can go for larger implants, this version specifically utilises smaller ones. This ensures enhancements that align with the existing breast tissue, offering a more natural look.

·       Procedure Invasiveness

The nature of Breast augmentation with small implants usually means less surgical complexity. Smaller incisions are required, which results in minimal scarring. The positioning and securing of the implant, given its size, often involve simpler techniques.

·       Recovery Timeframe

With Breast augmentation with small implants, recovery is generally smoother. Due to the less invasive nature of the procedure, patients can expect a quicker bounce back. Post-operative discomfort is reduced, allowing for an easier overall recovery experience.

·       Implant Material Choices

Depending on the individual’s body, desired outcome, and plastic surgeon’s expertise, a choice can be made between saline or silicone for Breast augmentation with small implants. Both materials have their advantages, but the decision primarily hinges on achieving the most natural feel and appearance. Regardless of the choice, the smaller volume ensures the implant complements the natural breast tissue.

·       Implant Placement

The placement of the implant in a Breast augmentation with small implants can sometimes differ from traditional augmentation. Given the focus on subtlety, the placement is often strategized to ensure minimal visibility and palpability. Dr Lim might opt for placements that align closely with the natural breast tissue or muscle, further ensuring a seamless look and feel.

·       Aesthetic Outcome

The Breast augmentation with small implants is designed for those who value understated beauty. The result is a gentle enhancement that doesn’t drastically alter the original breast size but rather complements and refines it. This makes it a good choice for individuals who want to retain their natural silhouette while gaining a bit of added fullness.

Less-Is-More Breast Augmentation

In recent years, the beauty and cosmetic industry has witnessed a paradigm shift. Instead of dramatic transformations, there’s been a growing appreciation for subtlety, with the ‘less is more’ philosophy taking centre stage. This trend is particularly noticeable in the world of body augmentation, where the emphasis now leans towards enhancements that complement one’s natural attributes rather than overshadowing them.

For many women, especially those with a slender or leaner build, the decision to opt for smaller implants is not merely a cosmetic one; it’s rooted in a desire for balance and harmony. Smaller implants can offer a beautiful and proportionate boost to their silhouette. These subtle enhancements work with the natural contours of the body, offering a gentle lift or fullness without drastically altering one’s appearance.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, there are practical benefits to this approach as well:

  • Physical Comfort: Smaller implants mean less weight and pressure on the chest and surrounding tissues. This can result in a more comfortable day-to-day experience, with reduced back or neck strain that can sometimes be associated with larger implants
  • Reduced Complication Risks: With less invasive surgery and smaller implants, there’s a diminished chance of complications like capsular contracture, implant displacement, or rippling. A simpler procedure often translates to a smoother healing process
  • Shorter Recovery Time: Procedures involving smaller implants generally have quicker recovery periods. With less trauma to the tissues and muscles, post-operative discomfort might be reduced, enabling a faster return to daily activities
  • Natural Aging Process: Over time, as the body undergoes natural changes, smaller implants tend to adapt more seamlessly. This can lead to a more graceful ageing process, with less noticeable changes to the augmented breasts compared to larger implants
  • Lifestyle Benefits: Women who lead active lifestyles, participate in sports, or indulge in activities that require agility and movement might find smaller implants more accommodating. They’re less likely to interfere with physical activities or pose restrictions

Who Might Choose Small Breast Implants?

Different lifestyles and professions dictate different needs. Consider professional athletes or dancers; a smaller implant can provide the desired enhancement without hindering their performance. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality too. Breast augmentation with small implants, with its emphasis on subtle improvements, caters to a broader demographic, from the athlete wanting a touch of femininity to the professional woman looking for a boost in her appearance without going overboard.

For petite women, smaller implants can often prove more beneficial. They fit better within the natural chest cavity, reduce the risk of over-stretching the skin, and maintain a balanced silhouette.

For patients who believe in the charm of subtlety and the allure of natural enhancements, Breast augmentation with small implants might be the optimal solution.

FAQs about Breast Augmentation with Small Implants


What exactly is Breast augmentation with small implants, and how does it differ from traditional breast augmentation?

  • A Breast augmentation with small implants, also known as Mini Breast Augmentation, focuses on providing a subtle enhancement to the breasts. Unlike traditional breast augmentation, which might involve the use of larger implants for a pronounced change, Breast augmentation with small implants uses smaller implants designed for those seeking a more natural and understated look. The primary distinction lies in the size of the implant and the overall aesthetic outcome. Breast augmentation with small implants offers a boost in fullness without significantly altering one’s natural silhouette.

Are there specific benefits to choosing a Breast augmentation with small implants over a traditional augmentation?

Yes, there are several benefits associated with Breast augmentation with small implants:

  • Natural Appearance: The primary draw for many is the natural and harmonious look that aligns closely with one’s body proportions
  • Reduced Recovery Time: Given the smaller size of the implant and often less invasive procedure, recovery can be quicker and involves less post-operative discomfort
  • Fewer Complications: Smaller implants can present fewer risks related to complications like rippling, displacement, or capsular contracture
  • Physical Comfort: The smaller size can mean reduced weight and strain on the chest, leading to a more comfortable daily experience

Who is the ideal candidate for a Breast augmentation with small implants?

While any individual considering breast augmentation should consult with a qualified surgeon to determine the best fit, Breast augmentation with small implants can be a good option for:

  • Those with a slender or leaner frame who seek proportionate enhancement
  • Individuals who want a subtle increase in breast size without a dramatic change
  • Active individuals or athletes who don’t want larger implants to interfere with their physical activities

Can I switch from a traditional augmentation to a Breast augmentation with small implants?

  • It’s possible for someone with traditional implants to switch to a Breast augmentation with small implants, depending on various factors, including the condition of the current implants, breast tissue, and personal aesthetic goals. Such a transition might be sought by those who initially opted for larger implants but now desire a more understated look. A consultation with Dr Jake Lim is essential to assess suitability and understand the procedural details.

How long do the results of a Breast augmentation with small implants last, and what’s the maintenance like?

  • The longevity of the results from a Breast augmentation with small implants can vary based on factors like the type of implant used (saline or silicone), individual body changes, and external factors like pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations. Generally, smaller implants can integrate well with natural tissues, reducing long-term adjustment issues. However, like all implants, they might require periodic checks. Maintenance usually involves regular check-ups with your plastic surgeon and monitoring for any changes in the shape, feel, or position of the implants.

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